Knitting like a maniac – Etsy here I come and I hope you’re ready!


As I mentioned in my previous post, I have been really busy lately. I have decided I have outgrown my idea of a Felt store as it is only NZ based (gosh, before it is even officially opened). I decided it would be a crime not to investigate the possibility of moving to Etsy as it has an international clientele and well, everyone knows of Etsy.

I have to admit I don’t know to much about Etsy, so I have been reading up on the processes etc. seems pretty straightforward. I have today registered with the site but I need to work out the finer details like PayPal and registering as a seller…… tax stuff, putting together my business plan etc. (I am determined to make a real go of this).

If any of you have an Etsy store let me know how it’s going for you and any tips you may have. I would love to see your stores!!

I am so close to getting all the paperwork done – then I guess my adventure really starts. Oh, how daunting and exciting all at the same time.

In preparation.

I have tweaked a few things these past few days I have started documenting and up-scaled my knitting toolbox by translating my existing bead/taaniko patterns into usable knitting patterns. So, I can see what I have done and reproduce pieces as needed.


I have produced a fabric label using the technique mentioned a few posts ago. Rubber stamps and fabric paint and iron on interfacing. This batch of labels are made from an old skirt  that I have no idea why I kept it because it is really ugly cotton material….. I was also fortunate enough to find 10 metres of Iron on Interfacing at a Church thrift store for 50 cents. The over time the look and feel of the label will change as the materials are available kind of like my concept pieces.


I have started stock piling items for sale. So far, I have knitted and assembled 6 new Money Socks in the last two days.


Here is a sneak peek of what will be available when I win my paper war!

Winking Devil.


Red heart and red wine/raisin camouflage knit money sock. 19cm x 10.5cm (7.5” x 4”). Hand painted and stitched sock doll mini patch (upcycled roller blind material). Money Sock outer is constructed from 100% acrylic wool leftovers. Lined with faux suede upholstery material and features upcycled brand label machine stitched inside.

Packing heat.


Neutral black grey and white camouflage with pink hearts on front and reverse colours featured on back.  21cm x 10.5cm (8.5” x 4”). Innards are the same as above and the patch has been made the same way as well.


Art Geek


This was a bead loom pattern that I made several years ago and adapted for knitting. The money sock outer is constructed in predominantly Acrylic wool and has been semi felted. The words are knitted with metallic glitter thread. The ‘innards’ are the same as above and the dimensions are 16cm x 9cm (6.5” x 3.5”).

Emo Money Sock


In the photo the colours are a bit distorted the stripes and emo details are more of a plum colour. Outer is 100% Acrylic wool scraps and the patches and innards are made using the same methods as above. Dimensions are 19cm x 11cm (7.5” x 4.5”).

Hearts a flutter pencil case


Dimensions are 18cm x 9cm. 97% Acrylic wool with 3% mohair scraps. Innards and patch are made the same way as above.


One little black heart


I re-tweaked my initial heart pattern to make them a little fatter and more heart like. There are no patches on this wallet as the pattern was just too cute to cover! the colours are a little brighter and richer than the picture shows.  Dimensions are 14cm x 10cm (5.5” x 4”).


There’s your sneak peek…. expect to see them soon on Etsy.

I will let you all know via a ‘countdown, get ready and tells all of your friends’ style post when I work out the opening date.

Until then feel free to like and share and follow me on my journey as there will be plenty more behind the scenes post to come. If you have any questions leave me a comment and I will do my best to answer them.

Thanks for visiting !! Bunny



14 thoughts on “Knitting like a maniac – Etsy here I come and I hope you’re ready!

  1. I just started on Etsy a couple of months ago and am really enjoying it – it is very user friendly for a technophobe like me and I like the level of advice and support available. Good luck with it – your stuff is great and i will be keeping an eye out for your shop. My shop is


  2. Hey! Thanks so much for “liking” my blog! I really appreciate that. Its really nice to meet people in other parts of the world working hard and trying to live their dreams! I hope Etsy works for you, Im sure it will. From what I have seen of you stuff it looks really wicked! I will totally continue to check in….actually I’ll probably subscribe. ( I forgot for a split second I could do that). Good luck, and keep up the great work!


  3. These are sooo cute! 🙂 The very best of luck for you on Etsy! I hope I’ll join you there soon enough (so very sorry – can’t give any advices yet as I myself am only in the process of reading all of their policies etc.). I’ll be looking forward to see how everythin is going for you. And thank you very much for stopping by my blog and my knits. Every “Like” makes my heart flutter as I’m still so new in all this 🙂


    • Hi, sorry no printing involved…….
      I hand draw and hand paint all of my character patches with a size 00 paint brush and textile paints and then I fix them with an Iron. Is this what you mean by technique?

      or, did you mean my fabric brand labels? I have developed a process using a rubber stamp frame and alphabet stamps with fabric paint for those.

      hope this helps answer your question. 🙂


    • I used to be on Etsy but I don’t have time for it any more. A couple of things sold really well, the more unique the better. I never had more than a dozen things in my store at a time. I sold better there when I spent time on the community bulletin boards chatting with other sellers and buyers. Like everywhere else, use good tags in your description, drive customers thru the chat with sales or buy one get one and post those on Facebook and Twitter. I also made some friends around the country with the community there! (And thanks for “liking” my Food Network blog yesterday!)


      • Thanks Lucinda, that’s great…. I did panic a little with the thought I had to make at least 100 items. I seem to spend all my time marketing and it is going really well, but I need to kick it up a gear and get enough things made (and not sold prior) to list on a shop site. Thanks for taking the time to come visit me. 🙂


  4. Hi, Peppermia. I am on Etsy, and while I don’t make a ton of $$ I love being a part of it. My take on Etsy is that you get out what you put in. It is all about marketing yourself. You can’t just get an Etsy store and wait for people to come find you – there are thousands and thousands of sellers on Etsy. So you have to have a blog (check!), you need a Facebook page, a Google+ page, you have to do craft shows and give out business cards. PROMOTE YOURSELF. And I really like what you show here and think it will find an audience. It is very retro and geek chic. I say go for it.

    OH – my Etsy store is . . . .


    • Hi Kimberley,

      Oh great! thanks for the message. I can tick some of those things off already. I have this blog, MSN Live page, Facebook page, Pinterest Account, Twitter Account and Yahoo updating automatically each time I post anything and I have approx 170+ total followers (not counting pinterest, yahoo or MSN followers) so far and that is growing daily. I am not aware of any craft shows in NZ I will have to search for some, There are Art fairs and flea market types of events…… hmmm. – I need business cards, ok I have more work to do…..

      Thanks so much for giving me a link to your store I will definitely check it out.



  5. I opened my Etsy shop in December, with 5 sales thus far. Somewhere I read that you should aim for 100 items in your shop! I have 12! It is a definite learning experience!
    You have a unique style and product–I really think it will sell well. I wish you the very best! 🙂


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