Today mission is to make more money socks

Featured: ‘little black heart’ money sock.

I am a sucker for cute things and I had a Blythe doll pink clutch for the last year or two, a long time before I embarked on this adventure. My poor Blythe Doll clutch has seen better days it is now cracked and fallen apart at the seams – well beyond crafty repair stage.

Today, I finally made myself my own personal money sock wallet….. yes, that’s right I have made many yet I still don’t have one myself. Now I do!!

I wanted to try out a few techniques. My Grandma is an hobbyist quilter and craft extraordinaire, she has taught me a lot of little tricks over the years. The latest suggestion was to line the back of my patches with iron on interfacing to stop them fraying. She uses it to create 3D pieces in her quilts.

I usually use roman blind material because the weave is so tight and the material is a kind of cotton and plastic mix ,so is fairly indestructible. I have never had a problem with fray. But, I have always wanted to try other materials and held back because I didn’t know what to do about this issue.

The second – was using stamps in the creation of the patch pictures…… in particular small delicate detailed stamps and thick viscose fabric paint.

The third – was to experiment with the knitting stitches and try and make little ‘hearts’ in the work (something other than dots, LOL). Also, to make the knitted square quickly with ease, this is important because I may want to make several.

  1. I used printed cotton (I was lucky enough to find some with the same peachy/tangerine colour in it as the knitted section) and used iron on interfacing to back it.
  2. Then I raided my rubber stamp collection to find the most appropriate stamps. Here I used a volume black paint which is thicker than most fabric paint and it ‘puffs’ when heat set. To get a cleaner image the paint needs to be thinner. I like the roughness of the image print – very handmade chic!
  3. The knitted section was easier than I thought and took about 45 mins to complete, I’m sure I will be faster next time because I had to ‘start again’ a few times. I used an Acrylic hot pink wool, a mohair peachy coloured wool and a little bit of black acrylic wool.
  4. That’s it.

P1010479 (2)P1010480P1010479

Measurements 17cm wide X 10cm high, fully lined.

Click on the pictures above for a detailed view.


9 thoughts on “Today mission is to make more money socks

  1. In the arts and craft department we have a lot in common. I knit too. I hadn’t thought about the iron on interfacing on knits. Thanks for sharing that detail. The money socks look great!


  2. Hi ReStich Me,

    yeah regular paints would definitely work better. It was my mistake really – I just grabbed the black paint tub on the top of the pile…….. My advice is to stick to normal textile paint, maybe even the metallic textile paint. Just make sure it is not to thick if your stamps have delicate details, you may need to water it down a bit.



  3. I agree, great colors! Question…the black paint is Puffy Paint-the kind that puffs up? I love the look of your little heart and have been wanting to use stamps in some of my designs, as well. Why use Puffy paint instead of regular fabric paints? Thanks!


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