Red Riding Hood goes safari in cheetah print


I love constructing coats they are complicated enough that I don’t loose interest and the finished result is worth every minute of effort put in.

I have always wanted, but never owned anything in animal print. Mainly because the autumn shades (beige, apricot, tan etc) washout my olive complexion and make me look jaundice. I am best with dark or bright pure colours.

Monday, I went out on a small holiday shopping trip and happened upon some gorgeous linen in the back of a thrift store. A Cheetah print single duvet cover and a bright red Queen size duvet cover for $5 each. I quickly snapped them up and took them home.

I then made a coat loosely based on my favourite vintage coat pattern Simplicity 7868 (now out of print).


I love this pattern and have made a number of coats from it, that I know every little intricate detail of it’s construction off by heart. So, it’s now easy for me to add in bits and adjusts parts here and there to get what I want out of it.


In this coat I added belt loops and made a belt from the red duvet cover and a hood. I have also made the coat double breasted with long cuffs. To resolve the complexion/colour issue I used the red duvet at the areas closet to my face and throughout the coat to dull down the crazy animal print factor. I wanted it to look more chic than zoo escapee.

The coat hem sits just below the knee and pulls in at the waist with the belt (the very first belt I have ever made woohoo!). The coat front and back features princess seams and the hemline flares from the waist in a soft A-Line shape offering the most flattering silhouette. It is fully lined and I used self cover buttons to ensure the red shades were kept pure. – I find if there are too many colours incorporated into a piece it ruins the overall look and appears to be ‘thrown’ together without much thought for resulting visual noise.

The best thing is, I still have more material left over – another excellent investment!


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24 thoughts on “Red Riding Hood goes safari in cheetah print

  1. Oh my goodness, I am in love with this coat! I, too, shy away from animal prints and have only worn them for a themed party. This looks so luxe and quirky and classic all at once. I don’t know why I never thought to pair bright red with cheetah print, but the combination is gorgeous. I definitely want to try it. Excited for your Etsy page. I already know a few things I want to get! Congrats on a job well done. 🙂


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    • LOL- that’s hilarious you are a lot like me. I don’t really suit autumn shades, mustard, or pastels, they tend to wash my skin tone out so I’m always looking for color combinations I can wear. Bright colors and deep cool colors are perfect for my light olive complexion, so if I find something I really like – but wrong shade, I always hit my palate of colors and mix and match until it looks right. I’m glad you like it and thanks for the comment.

      I am also excited to get my Etsy store up and running. Unfortunately I am running behind schedule as my day job has unexpectedly changed for 6 months and is keeping me very, very busy. This busy period should subside in August, maybe sooner so I can get back to concentrating on my shop and goodies to stock it with soon.

      Thanks again!



  2. This is incredible! I’m aspiring to become able to sew & follow patterns, & admire anyone who can. I have a feeling it’s not going to treat me as nicely as knitting and crocheting have, but I supposed I’ll never know until I purchase my own sewing machine & give it a serious try!


  3. I visited your blog from Dollsofthewoods’ blog. She introduced your blog.

    I love this very much! Sometimes I sew my own clothes, but very simple ones.
    Your blog inspired me to bring out my sewing machine and sew something!

    I also looking forward to reading your new articles.


  4. Impressive for so many reasons…the sweet fabric, the even sweeter cost of the fabric, the retro look, the fitted aspect…amazing. I’m really glad you happened on my little blog, so glad to be able to read yours, truly inspiring.


  5. This coat is freakin’ gorgeous! And it cost you $10 to make? Girlfriend, when are you going on “Project Runway”? And the belt is awesome. Okay, today is my birthday, so I think you should just ship that coat right to me! I love it!


    • HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIMBERLY! Haha thanks and yes it cost me $10 and a couple of days to make (it would have taken me 8 hours approx to whip up if I was on the ball – but I’m still on holiday and have heaps of other things to do :-))
      Unfortunately, we don’t get to participate in project runway down here in little New Zealand… I love the show though!!


  6. Definitely not zoo escape and definitely chic. I aspire to sewing coats, and anything with more than say 4 seams (well you know what I mean) but will have to take a few more baby steps first.


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