Upcycled blue and white A-line panelled skirt


The blue and white stripe portion of the skirt was a men’s shirt. It was a small size so I had to improvise when making adjustments to fit me. The original shirt had panels where the stripes veered off in different angles, I have tried to maintain the original design features of the shirt as much as I could. I also used the sleeve material for the facing inside the waistband.

For the front panel I had an old sheet that I had kept for the delicate blue, white and grey pattern. I cut a rectangle piece after measuring how much of a gap I would have at the front. Following that, I then shaped the skirt with two darts in the back and two small pleats in the front. The shaping was necessary to ensure the front rectangular panel hung straight and stayed there and for the obvious reasons – garments fit better when shaped…….. I decided to sew one side of the panel to the garment from the waistband until the last button hole so that the splits on both sides appeared symmetrical. The other side is fully functional buttons and button holes.

The last step was to stitch on the buttons which also had a previous life on a jacket.

100% upcycled – yay!

Reminds me of delicate blue china patterns with a contemporary feel.


Bunny P


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