Upcycyled ugly shirt into cute pinup style skirt!

The original shirt was all 100% ugly paisley aqua blue – I liked the material that’s why I kept it in the dark recesses of my material hordes. I pulled it out today as I am on a roll with these shirt skirts decided one more shirt skirt wouldn’t hurt.


I am getting a little faster at making these now. I think it must have taken just over an hour to construct.

Basically, I cut the collar and sleeves off and pinned the shape for the hips…. originally I thought about making this skirt into a slim high waist design but I decided I liked the top piece to overhang instead. I faced the top piece with black cotton trim and added in 5 more buttons both for look and function – that’s it!

I added the bow as an after thought.

If you are interested in the original instructions I used please refer to my earlier posts on Shirt skirts as there is a link to the pattern instructions.




Happy to answer and questions !




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