A-Line upcycled ‘Shirt Skirt’ with a Squirrel


I really liked the first shirt skirt I made (check previous posts) so I had to make another in a different style. 

I used a XL grey cotton Men’s shirt this time. I slightly shaped the sides into a A-Line cut and kept trying it on to ensure the pins were all in the correct place, the last thing you want is the buttons to be strained or off centre…….   Sad smile TIP: check and check again!

I did  not shape the back this time as I wanted a more casual look. There is only one large pocket on this shirt so I wanted something playful and still professional on the opposite side.

The squirrel patch I drew and hand-cut from a scrap of red cord fabric. Then I applied the patch to the skirt using blanket stitch (hand stitched).

Click on the pictures below to enlarge.


Let me know your thoughts!!

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