The magic of Plarn – recycling plastic bags

Here are some really good links on ways for you to recycle plastic bags.

Plarn has recently become popular with the eco-minded crochet and knitting crafters out there or freecycling converts among us. Basically, you take a plastic bag and cut it into strips, interlocking each loop to create a continuous strip of plastic, then you need to ply it into plarn. Just like spinning a thread….. here are some links on how to create your own plarn.

Plarn is so versatile – it’s waterproof, it’s strong, it’s almost indestructible, and easy to clean…. just to mention a few of its attributes.

You can knit with it, crochet, hand stitch with it – anything you can do with conventional thread you can do with Plarn. Just a little imagination is required.

There is so much out there on the web about Plarn. Here are a few links I found featuring inspirational creations you may like:

get creating!

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