Knitted clutch wallet – hot pink with bunnies!


I made this little knitted clutch for a friends birthday a few years back. It was the prototype for my range of wallets or as I like to call them ‘Money socks’. A lot of lessons learnt in this piece like different methods of cast on and off and what results come from consistent tension on stitches. The basics really……….

I loved it when I made it and it was a few years ago now and my friend still carries it everywhere she goes. Smile

It’s knitted in fine angora mix hot pink wool and maroon acrylic wool for the front top trim. The patches are hand painted with textile paint on roman blind curtain material (like all of my patches) because the paint sit’s on the surface of the material, absorption rate or bleeding is basically nil. Here I have used puff and metallic paints.

Lined with trusty leftover upholstery synthetic suede and a little pocket made of printed Lycra and pink lace from a skirt. All hand stitched, this is well before I trusted myself with a sewing machine……. Now, I would use the machine to at least stitch the zip and lining.



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